"As a result of outsourcing our data entry process to ACCEL, we have reduced our transaction costs by more than 50 percent. We are delighted with the responsiveness of their staff and the quality of their service. ACCEL is a strong outsourcing partner for us."

Tim Vroman
Chief Financial Officer


ACCEL Medical Claims Processing


ACCEL’s claims processing solutions are customized solutions developed for Healthcare Payers to interface with their internal processes. Our services range from simple data entry to the adjudication and payment of claims. It all depends on which components of the process you would like to outsource to us. ACCEL’s  lower labor costs and offshore production facilities add savings to your bottom line.

Service Offerings
Process analysis using Six Sigma methodology to optimize your processes
Implementation of a pilot project as “proof of concept” at minimal cost
Project management and BPO implementation at our offshore facility in India
IT consulting services to improve efficiencies and workflow for  your current applications
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