ACCEL has skilled employees with years of specialized knowledge and experience in handling billing and A/R issues.
ACCEL increases your monthly cash flow, improves collections and reduces your cost of operations.
ACCEL has a secure infrastructure that meets HIPAA guidelines.

ACCEL recognizes that every healthcare facility has unique requirements for their business office. We tailor our services to your comfort level for outsourcing. We can offer the services of our A/R specialists, who aggressively go after denied claims and recover money that should be legitimately yours; or if you choose to, we can handle your entire billing process.

Service Offerings
Claims Processing and Payment Posting
Follow-up on denials
Soft Patient Collections
A/R follow-up for old claims
Insurance Verification/Eligibility Checks
Posting charges to Patient Accounts by coding specialists
Production of weekly or monthly patient statements
Generating Practice Management reports

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